Pan Gang et Myriam de Loor

Once upon a time Petit Pan became alive

“In September 2000, I received a package from China. It contained a lovely outfit: a baby jacket and a pair of baby padded trousers.

It was a hand-made gift, sent by Pan’s mother for her grandson. I loved the variety of prints, the bubbly bold patterns and pure strong colors.

I was bewitched by this soft and comfy look coming from the faraway land.

Emile, our son, was all happy wearing his present. And so the Petit Pan story became alive in our minds”

Myriam De Loor


"Petit pan is a French brand that exudes "joie de vivre"

Based in Paris since 2002, the brand is constantly inventing/imaging a whole universe bursting with colours.

We find creativity in every day- to- day objects: duvets, printed fabrics, coated cotton fabrics, otherworldly lampions, must have bags, cement tiles, notebooks"

Vivre en Multicolore


"Emile’s grandfather, Pan Bohua masters the kite-making Chinese technique. He is famous for the dragon-kites he lifted up in the air all over the continents. /p>

His refined work is of a great delicacy. He is the one who develops all the prototypes of all the lampions and mobiles I design for Petit Pan"



2011- Petit Bateau.
2013 - Hachette & Carocim.
2014 - L'occitane


"We are in love with colours

We dream of cover walls, floors and ceilings with multicoloured patterns.

Everything happens for a reason...

During a party in Paris, we met the artist Martine Murat and the architect Christian Berthéas, the creators of Carocim.

The magic kicks in!

Petit Pan colours and patterns go perfectly together with the Carocim marvelous cement tiles.

Ainsi est née une nouvelle famille de carreaux signée Petit Pan.

So a new cement tiles range designed by Petit Pan is born better known as Hélium, Galaxie, Billy(the Kid) and Petit Pois."

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"Petit Pan workshop tries to brighten up your daily life through different DIY activities : You can tinker,dye,repair,collect,invent ..."

bricoler, chiner, recuperer, inventer